Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Burlingame update

Thanks to The Biographer's Craft editor James M. Morris for the newsletter link that updates us on the progress and specs of Michael Burlingame's upcoming Lincoln biography project [seeing the photo, I wonder how often Burlingame gets "Sen. McCain, you've lost weight" when strolling around in public]. I am pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the price will be for this monster 2-vol. set. With extra notes and a wiki-type associated online version, the cross media aspects are interesting as well. Finally, the last two paragraphs of the article remind us of the indispensability of university presses.


  1. Drew,

    Any word on the progress of the Gienapp edition of Welles's diary?

    BTW, pretty slick how Blogger has removed the option of URL's for non-google bloggers who leave comments - no more "free advertising" for us WordPress users!

  2. Harry,
    No, nothing that I've heard.


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