Monday, December 3, 2007

Briefly - "Images of Civil War Medicine"

Images of Civil War Medicine: A Photographic History [by Gordon Dammann DDS and Alfred Bollett MD, Demos Medical Publishing, 2007] is a profusely illustrated (photos, maps, drawings) general introduction to the people and practices of Civil War medicine. As indicated by the title, photography is the book's main focus, and according to the authors, many of the selections are published for the first time. The image subjects range from individual CDVs (of surgeons, nurses, wounded men, etc.) to photos of field stations and hospital buildings.

The text is a brief but comprehensive overview of a variety of topics (e.g. photographic technique, medical education, nursing, dentistry, ambulances, hospitals, wounds, and disease). While the ARC has some issues of image quality and presentation, these would presumably be addressed in the final publication. Also, while notes were included, it is hoped that a full bibliography will be added. With its large collection of previously unpublished surgeon CDVs from both sides, this volume should be of interest to students of Civil War medicine and photography.

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