Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Initiative

I stumbled upon the LSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Initiative by accident. An online search turned up a .pdf file of a master's thesis titled "Trans-Mississippi Southerners in the Union Army, 1862-1865" and it led me to the library webpage. This particular kind of free unrestricted access project for academic scholarship -- as opposed to a subscription medium like what JSTOR does for journals -- is news to me [at least the small sample I viewed was freely available]. Then again, maybe I am behind the times and many schools already do this.

[add. Link to NDLTD - Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations]


  1. Drew: When I clicked on the link in your post, I noticed that it said "LSU is a member of the Networked Digital Library of These and Dissertations", with the quoted secion underlined. Clicking on this link takes you to the home page of this group, which contains theses from numerous institutions in the US and abroad. I searched on Civil War appeared in the description of 849 entries. All appear to be downloadable for free.

    Thanks for the info!
    Dave Jordan
    President, Kalamazoo Civil War Round Table

  2. Dave,
    Good catch. Have to tinker with a way to optimize the search function.

  3. Thanks for posting this. It will be useful in my research. I live in Madrid, Spain part of the year so it's difficult for me to get material!

  4. I noticed the the site includes manuscript collections, as well. Univ. of Tennessee Press was particularly active in its contribution.

  5. Drew - very cool. Thanks for posting.


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