Thursday, March 5, 2009

Various things

Next Interview:

The next Q & A will be with Dave Roth, editor and publisher of Blue & Gray Magazine.

South Carolina Regimental Roster Set:

Brett Schulte will be reviewing the first batch of four on TOCWOC this month, and will also interview the publisher, Tom Broadfoot. In fact, Brett's Hampton Legion review is already up.

Mapping the Third Ohio Cavalry's Civil War:

Unit histories often lead readers around blindly amid a constant parade of obscure geographical locations. These simple yet attractive and useful creations by a gentleman named Bob Barker for the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry make me wish every regimental history could include such visual aids. Imagine if this could be done for every regiment and compiled into a single interactive database.

"To the Sound of the Guns"'s Defenses of Leesburg:

Craig over at To the Sound of the Guns is posting a series (he's up to part eight, go here to start at the beginning) detailing the earthwork defenses of Leesburg, Virginia. One of its more interesting aspects are the drawings from Documentation of Eight Civil War Forts and Earthworks in the Vicinity of Leesburg, Virginia (Joseph Balicki and Walton Owen II, John Milner Associates, 2002). Historical/archeological/site management consulting monographs frequently yield interesting and unique tidbits of history, often accompanied by historical maps and precisely drawn original creations such as the ones reproduced in the post series mentioned above.

A New North Carolina Blogger:

Andrew Duppstadt mentioned a new blog and ongoing book project by a fellow North Carolinian, Eric Lindblade, whose current research centers around the 1864 Battle of Newport Barracks even though he's stuck living in an obscure Pennsylvanian town.

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