Monday, August 23, 2010

Booknotes II (August '10)

No new books this time, but a few worthy older ones from the '90s came in:

1. The Wilmington Campaign and the Battle for Fort Fisher by Mark A. Moore (Da Capo, 1999).

Of course, Fonvielle's masterpiece The Wilmington Campaign: Last Rays of Departing Hope is the 'go to' book for a full history of the campaign, but Moore's book is a visual feast that's become a must-have companion volume. It's out of print and looks like the prices have gone back up, but bookmark it and check back every once in a while. Someone is bound to sell one at a more reasonable price.

2. The March to the Sea by William Scaife (Author, 1993 - 2nd ed.).

The text isn't terribly useful but Scaife's accompanying maps are always a treat.

3. 'Him on the One Side and Me on the Other': The Civil War Letters of Alexander Campbell, 79th New York Infantry Regiment, and James Campbell, 1st South Carolina Battalion edited by Terry A. Johnston, Jr. (Univ. of S. Carolina Pr, 1999).

Patrick Brennan's Secessionville: Assault On Charleston book made use of the Campbell letters, but Terry Johnston later made them all available in edited form. The same publisher recently reprinted the book in paperback.


  1. When I went out to NC I had both books. Not only great reads but fantastic as guides

  2. The 79th Cameron Highlanders were quite an outfit and worth reading about even without the Campbell brothers tale.


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