Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'New release' listing blog

Because on this site I generally stick with books I personally do or might find interesting, I've created something of a sister site that just lists all the upcoming books I can find and organizes them in descending order of pub date. You can also browse by month. For lack of a more inspiring title, I've called it Upcoming American Civil War Books. It's not even close to being up to date yet (esp. for the Fall 2010 months) but should be within the next week or so. There is also a blog roll link for it so check back often.  Hopefully, you will find it of use.

BTW, feel free to email me with suggestions (preferably with a URL for the book) if you know of one that isn't listed.


  1. Great idea, Drew. I will be checking it often.


  2. I am looking for any information on a book titled 3 John brothers in the Civil war, by Charles Leech. The book is suppose to be about my G,Grandfather and 2 of his brothers. Thank you in advance for anything you can find out.

    Mark Johns


  3. Mark,
    I haven't come across anything about that one that I can recall.

  4. Mark: I found it on (Make sure you type in "Johns" and not John.)It looks like the only library copy is in the Library of Congress.
    Will Hickox

  5. The book is as follows:

    Leech, Charles R. Three John Brothers in the Civil War (Gambier, OH: C. R. Leech), 2005. It is on the 126th Ohio Infantry, I believe.


  6. Drew - Just wondering if there was a reason you didn't list publisher info with the book descriptions? It would help me, I think. I'll be less likely to even check out a book put out by some publishers and very likely if by others. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great review work and thanks for the new blog! Jim

  7. Thanks for posting the information about upcoming books! I'm intrigued by FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE CIVIL WAR...

  8. I wanted to get the list up quickly and adding the publisher was just one more thing to make an already tedious process longer. Of course, you can easily find the publisher by clicking on the link. I may add it in the future.

  9. Jane,
    It does sound like a new way of looking at the war, although I doubt I will get to it.


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