Friday, August 27, 2010

Booknotes III (August '10)

New arrival:

1. Stoneman's Raid, 1865 by Chris J. Hartley (John F. Blair Pub, 2010).

I've been looking forward to a book length military history of George Stoneman's 1865 Raid through Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina for some time, and, at a glance, Hartley's work looks like all that one might hope for. The maps are a bit crude on the design side, but they are informative and there are enough of them.  The well documented work sports a massive bibliography based on primary sources. Given the material and presentation quality of the hardcover, the price is very reasonable to boot. If it proves to be of the definitive nature that I suspect, this is the kind of book that will become a collector's item.

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