Monday, November 18, 2019

Book News: Tempest over Texas

Ten years on from Fire in the Cane Field: The Federal Invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861-January 1863, the publishing pace of Donald Frazier's "Louisiana Quadrille" has proceeded as planned, with the happy bonus that there are now to be five volumes in the series instead of four. The title of the fourth installment is Tempest over Texas: The Fall and Winter Campaigns of 1863–1864 and its release is planned by State House Press for May 2020.

From the description: "Picking up the story of the Civil War in Louisiana and Texas after the fall of Port Hudson and Vicksburg [see Blood on the Bayou: Vicksburg, Port Hudson, and the Trans-Mississippi], Tempest Over Texas describes Confederate confusion on how to carry on in the Trans-Mississippi given the new strategic realities. Likewise, Federal forces gathered from Memphis to New Orleans were in search of a new mission. International intrigues and disasters on distant battlefields would all conspire to confuse and perplex war-planners. One thing remained, however. The Stars and Stripes needed to fly once again in Texas, and as soon as possible."

Presumably, the book will devote the bulk of its attention to Sabine Pass, the Texas Overland Campaign, and the Rio Grande Expedition. That will leave a pretty long stretch of time (from March 1864 to war's end) to deal with in the fifth and final volume, which could be easily filled with just the Red River Campaign alone. Though I have no idea if it is even being considered, perhaps a sixth volume is a possibility.

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