Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Coming Soon (Dec '19 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* Scheduled for December 2019:
American Zouaves, 1859-1959: An Illustrated History by Daniel Miller.
Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood by Stephen Davis.
A Yankee Regiment in Confederate Louisiana: The 31st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Gulf South by Larry Lowenthal.
Rebels in Repose: Confederate Commanders After the War by Allie Stuart Povall.
The Quaker Sergeant's War: The Civil War Diary of Sergeant David M. Haworth by Gene Allen.
Owen Lovejoy and the Coalition for Equality: Clergy, African Americans, and Women United for Abolition by Jane Ann & William Moore.
Caught in the Maelstrom: The Indian Nations in the Civil War, 1861-1865 by Clint Crowe.
Decisions at The Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House: The Eighteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battles by Dave Townsend.
German Americans on the Middle Border: From Antislavery to Reconciliation, 1830–1877 by Zachary Stuart Garrison.
Living by Inches: The Smells, Sounds, Tastes, and Feeling of Captivity in Civil War Prisons by Evan Kutzler.
Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America by Thomas Brown.

Comments: I've talked about several of these before. Though their official release dates are in December, copies of the Kutzler and Brown books have already arrived. There is a new contributor to the "Critical Decisions" series, and I will also be interested to read Davis's take on Hood.


  1. Happy Post Thanksgiving, Drew.

    1. "Caught in the Maelstrom: The Indian Nations in the Civil War, 1861-1865," by Clint Crowe, ships from the printer in 10 days.

    2. "Lincoln Takes Command: The Campaign to Seize Norfolk and the Destruction of the CSS Virginia," by Steven Norder ships a few days after Crowe. I am always excited about all our books, but this one has evolved to become one of my personal favorites because I think it is especially interesting, cuts a lot of new ground, and joint operations and ironclads fascinate me. It is also a book club selection and they doubled their order recently after reading the final galley.

    3. After some fits and starts, "America’s Buried History: Landmines in the Civil War," by Kenneth Rutherford, goes to the printer in about 10 days. Barnes and Noble wanted a different cover, and we are finalizing now. Author Ken R. was personal friend of Princess Di and her sons, and pushed a global campaign against landmines that won a Nobel Peace Prize. He lost both his legs in Somalia to a landmine in the early 1990s. He is a hell of a guy. Pub date third week of January. Good and interesting book.

    Now I am going to find some leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, and rolls for breakfast. Oh, and mashed potatoes. And gravy. And perhaps some pie.

    1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like we should see Maelstrom by the end of Dec. and the Norder book by early to mid Jan.


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