Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Coming Soon (Nov '19 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* Scheduled for November 2019:
Rhode Island's Civil War Dead: A Complete Roster by Robert Grandchamp.
Visions of Glory: The Civil War in Word and Image ed. by Kathleen Diffley & Benjamin Fagan.
The Visible Confederacy: Images and Objects in the Civil War South by Ross Brooks.
The Petersburg Regiment in the Civil War: A History of the 12th Virginia Infantry from John Brown’s Hanging to Appomattox, 1859-1865 by John Horn.

Comments: I thought the November schedule would flesh itself out a bit the closer we got to it, but that clearly did not turn out to be the case. Slim pickings this month! I will most likely get only one or two of these, but there are still some October releases that haven't arrived yet.

1 comment:

  1. You will get the 12th Virginia by John Horn. :)

    Also, as we sold out of the National Tribune set, we have reprinted and they just hit our warehouse. We expect the second time around most will go to libraries and other institutions, but researchers and those who are looking for more firsthand accounts they have never read are stacking up on the Wish List through our website.

    Thanks Drew.


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