Friday, November 15, 2019

Booknotes: The Battle of Hurricane Bridge, March 28, 1863

New Arrival:
The Battle of Hurricane Bridge, March 28, 1863: With the Firmness of Veterans by Philip Hatfield (35th Star Pub, 2019).

The Battle of Hurricane Bridge, March 28, 1863 recounts "an often overlooked Civil War action occurring at the small and otherwise quiet western Virginia village. For five hours behind the limited protection of an unfinished earthen fort, the green Union troops of the 13th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry under the command of Captain James Johnson, fought to hold off the hardened Confederate veterans of the 8th and 16th Virginia Cavalry commanded by Brigadier General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. Ultimately, the March 28, 1863, battle at Hurricane Bridge directly contributed to the Union army maintaining control of the James River & Kanawha Turnpike, a key supply line, and enabled Federal control of the Kanawha Valley for the remainder of the war."

At around 225 pages (including space for chapter notes along with a multitude of maps and photographs), the main narrative section provides an extensive account of this small-scale fight. Addressed in chapter-length fashion are two other military actions, Jenkins's attack on Point Pleasant two days later and the second "battle" of Hurricane Bridge in December 1863. In the appendix section are orders of battle, a series of company muster rolls for the 13th West Virginia and 8th Virginia Cavalry, and finally a Union casualty table for Hurricane Bridge.

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  1. Looking forward to this release as there is very little on the battle. I've stopped in Hurricane twice and I could not even find the state marker let alone make out the battlefield from the one contemporary map.

    Chris Van Blargan


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